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"You're a knight who really likes his night life..."

Well, today was the first rehearsal of Allie, Andrew, Dani and I in our attempt to sing Seasons of Love for STUNTS. Yeah, we're actually going to audition this year, despite the facts that (1) we only have four people, and (2) I am INTENSELY afraid of singing in public. (I shake like a leaf during all of my recitals with 50-person audiences; what makes me think I can sing in front of hundreds of people? Oh yes. My obsession with RENT. That's it.) It went fairly well... We worked out some of the harmony, assigned some duets, etc. On Tuesday I'm going to ask Ms. Wandel if she'd be willing to meet with us as a group and help us work on it a little. By some amazing stroke of luck, we all have her for voice, and we all have lunch free during Andrew's voice lesson time slot. So I think this could work out quite well!

The best part, though, is having the book of RENT sheet music from the library in my possession. I'm definitely going to copy all of the songs, in flagrant violation of copyright law, and keep them for myself. (Can you picture me, dork that I am, hammering 'Take Me or Leave Me' on my keyboard and wailing it out at the top of my lungs? Yes. Yes, you can. *for shame*)

In other news, today marks a pretty damn significant event: I have officially APPLIED TO COLLEGE. (!!) It's one college only so far, and the process isn't completely finished seeing as I haven't yet released my transcript or anything, but... I have sent in my app for Indiana U., paid the fee, and now it's theirs. I'm not sure I actually want to go to IU, but my dad wanted me to apply there because he's an alum. And it's not a bad school. Katy's sister goes there, and she's quite a smart cookie. And my dad's not too bad himself. :oP

I played Spamalot for my parents today, and they both thought it uproariously funny. My dad's a big Monty Python fan, so he had a special appreciation for it. It was kind of an emergency Spamalot fix, actually, because right before, I had been listening to 'For Good' and my mom walked into my room practically crying because the song reminds her of me leaving and breaking apart from my friends and I had to play her something that would make her laugh instead. (Long sentence.) So much of Wicked now makes me cry, too... er, well, at least, For Good and Defying Gravity. >.> (Once I actually do leave D-town, though, the WHOLE musical is going to make me cry. It reminds me too much of my friends.) ...Anyway, Spamalot did the trick.

Well, there's not a whole lot more to say. Except that...I adore three-day weekends.

PS. 80 days, 13 hours, 43 minutes, and 41 seconds until RENT.

(In my defense, those numbers were not derived from my own maniacal mental counting-down, nor from a calculator, but from a little countdown thing I've set on my computer. Which, I guess, is pathetic enough.)
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