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Cutting this horrid week short...

So. It's been such a crappy week, and I'm feeling so crummy with this cold right now, that I just decided to stay home today. It's NICE. And it'll cut the week just a little bit shorter. So here is a fairly brief post, because yes, I am spending the day doing homework (supposedly).

Yesterday was, for a bad day, a pretty good one. It was a 3,4 day--my favorite! no math or dance (which is just good because I don't have to move)--AND a shortened day, thanks to Parent Night. And in Spanish, we got cake. Really good cake, too. (Sorry, people in later Spanish classes. :oP Aka Melanie.) And I'm pretty close to being done with my self-portrait, though it's got plenty of its own special flaws and needs a background. (What on earth should I draw as the background??)

My family got some pretty bad news, though, yesterday...so it wasn't a great day. Still a crappy one. But, I don't really feel like going into it here & now.

Anyway, in the evening, my mom and my brother and I watched an episode of Family Guy, then went to Red Star for dinner...really early, at about 4:30 (ha!) because she had to go to parent night and such. I felt like an old person there for the early bird special. But! Amusingly, as we were finishing, Mrs. Johnson (the dance teacher, not the insane Spanish teacher from Shepard) walked in. Not long after, Ms. Glarner came in, too. It was funny. :o)

Oh! Funny story and quote. In Chorus, as Allie and Melanie know, we are singing a song called "Ain-a That Good News", a gospel hymn. It's really cool, and sounds really good when we sing it, but...because it's a gospel song, Mrs. Akers was trying to teach us how to sound authentic...and that's not easy, with a group of white, mostly Jewish kids. XD One of the verses is "I'ma gonna take it home-a to ma Jesus, ain-a that good news?" And, following this, here's the quote of the day:

Mrs. Akers: "Okay, so remember that the J-word is NOT a swear, we CAN say 'Jesus'. And remember that I'm not trying to convert you at this moment. I'll hold my conversions after school in the tent where I usually do. I don't do it in class, it gets so messy with the water."

And, to wrap things up, here's another quote:

Miriam, at the lunch table: "Eating beans...is like getting pregnant."

(....It's a long, long story.)

IMPORTANT P.S. On Sunday, at 11 am here, on Channel 7 (ABC), there will be a special in which they go behind the scenes of Wicked. ^.^ So WATCH IT!

P.P.S. Yesterday, I found some of the MOST PERFECT things to wear for my Halloween costume. 8) But I still need to get a hat that doesn't flop.
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