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The entire a_wee_bit_tipsy collection!

Well, I'm not the least bit driven right now (or...ever?). So I was fooling around on LJ, in search of this one post--the post-Disney World one, so I could find the photo of Kaitlin and I being hit on by Aladdin's Genie XD--and I even after I'd found it, I just kept reading all the other entries, and I, um...ended up reading, like, my entire LJ. From April 2004, when I started it, to now.


And I realized...I really love it. Or at least, I love how it *used* to be. It's changed, somehow, I think. It's not quite so funny, or witty, or what-have-you. Perhaps lately I've been too busy fangirling and not spending enough time writing about life. (But I realize that it's been summertime, and there's not much to write about during the summer BESIDES fandom. At least for my boring self.)

It also reminded me of just how much I love, love, love my friends. (Not that I need reminding of that.)

For the record...here's the last line of my very first entry:

"You'll soon become well acquaintanced with my lack of sanity when I start finding inane topics to babble about endlessly, causing you to wish you'd never said I should really write in here more often."

Truer words never written.

(P.S. 'well acquaintanced'? wtf.)
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