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"There is no future, there is no past"

Well. Today was another emotionally-charged, aka pretty crappy, day. Firstly, and most unimportantly: I think I REALLY did badly on the first portion of my first Econ test. It was horrible... Right in the middle of it, I had to make a big choice about which of two methods to use in solving this problem that would affect the way I completed the rest of the test, and I'm almost positive I chose the wrong one. I was so depressed/angry at myself when I got out of class. So that just sucks, plain and simple.

Much less plainly, and much less simply... I heard today, through Kacey, who heard from Hayley, who heard the announcement in band, that Mr. Legare passed away this weekend. (For those who didn't know him, he was the band director at Shepard.) He was so young--in his 40's or 50's. He had cancer for awhile, and that's what I first heard was the cause; but my mom says there's speculation that he ended his life himself. I...can't imagine any of this. I was struck dumb when I heard. I can't believe it. I was never in band, but my brother was, and a lot of my friends were. It's...so scary. As Kacey said, it really makes you think about what's important. Like, "What Econ test?"

And now... well, my mom visited my grandpa again today, and although we don't yet know what the situation is, there's a possibility that what's wrong with him is something more, something bigger, than we'd expected. I'm not going to freak out about it yet, though, not until I know.

Oh, and, on another sort of strange and shocking note--there is, apparently, a group of students from New Orleans that are staying here, and they're going to go to DHS. Kaitlin's still in Peer Helping (the poor girl), and she was assigned to help them get to know the school. I think it's amazingly cool--and yet, scary beyond belief. Cool in that people here are able to help (they're the friends/cousins of Christine Kenny, I hear), but scary because...I can't imagine what it must be like for them. Obviously their school was a lot different from ours: my mom said they were shocked at the very idea of being able to pick which classes they take.

So.... yes, there's a lot going on right now. I guess we all just have to appreciate what we have, and make the most of things, and not sweat the small stuff. "No day but today", huh?
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