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"When I'm worried and I can't sleep, I could my blessings instead of sheep"

Ah, well, today was another not-good day. But I'm tired of complaining, and I imagine everyone else is even more tired of hearing me complain. (Er, reading my complaints.) So I'll focus on the good things.

1) I have an awesome idea for Homecoming this year. At least, I think it's an awesome idea; if your name is Allie or Melanie, I'll be emailing you about it, and if your name is Kristy, I'll email you about it if you'd like me to (though I know you were hoping for a date, so your plans might be different. Let me knoow!). Even though you'll be emailed, here 'tis: Since our Homecoming theme this year is 'Haunted Homecoming', and we--in all likelihood--will be going dateless and instead accompanied by one another, I figure, why not have a to-hell-with-it attitude and do something strange and fun? Like, say, wear fancy dresses, but add something to our outfits to make them Halloweeny... like, wearing a witchy hat, or a cape, or a Glinda-y tiara (Allie :o))? Kacey, for one, has approved my idea. Let me know how you all feel about it (though maybe via email, instead of via LJ).

2) 'Sicut Cervus' is a really pretty song, isn't it?

3) It's really fun to sing 'Seasons of Love' in a choral setting. (.....As opposed to a, y'know, automotive setting... >.>) I MEAN like with Ms. Wandel's help, and not just wailing along to the soundtrack.

4) I am SO entering that Orchestra raffle and winning a VW bug. (Yeah Kristy!) YES I AM! Don't you try to stop me!

5) The other day I got a letter from my French friend, Damien, with whom I stayed while on my trip. It's so adorable. ^.^ It begins, "How do you do?"...

6) Even though I had to sit through a PTO meeting today from 6:30-9:30 for the sake of Deerprints, it was funny because I got to hear insane mothers rant about things and got to talk to the principal briefly, who I've decided is AWESOME and will heretofore be known as Alfredo (because I always think of that when I try to say Al Fleming). And because it gave me a great chance to catch up on Neverwhere. I'm halfway through now!..... *sigh*

7) I'm lucky. I'm not starving in a third-world country, I do not have a terminal disease, and I'm not stranded somewhere in New Orleans with all my possessions under filthy water. (Again, I ask myself.... What Econ test?)

And finally...

8) I am so, so, SO lucky to have friends like all of you. *passes hugs out from a basket*
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