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Oh, Europa!

...All right, strange:

I was about to close my computer and go to bed, but then I noticed the folder on my desktop labeled "Europe Photos to Post," which contains those Europe pics I tried but failed to post here a few months ago. And then I started thinking about my Europe trip, and I looked in my LJ archive--and realized that exactly one year ago today, I was about to depart for Detroit > Amsterdam > Madrid. We left on the 25th. O__o So, since this seems like an utterly weird coincidence to me, I'm finally going to make good on my promise and POST some of those Europe photos!

Unlike attempt #1, I'm actually going to post them fairly chronologically this time.

I hope you like them.

(If any of the photos are too small to see things clearly, ask and I'll post them full-size.)

Scene 1: The airport in Amsterdam.
A No Smoking sign that I really like for no particular reason.
niet roken

Andrew lounging haphazardly on a lip-shaped couch. :o)))

I kid you not: a cheese stand. Basically, heaven.
say cheese

Scene 2: The airport in SPAIN.
We arrive in Spain. Leigh starts seeing Spanish on every sign and flips out.

Scene 3: The hacienda.
After getting off the plane, we were immediately shipped to a bull farm/hacienda to see the toros. We weren't allowed to sleep in between, in order to get our bodies used to Spain time. So....yeah, it's a pretty blurry memory. -.-

A pretty little ranch house there.

There were grungy, sweet dogs running around everywhere. And this photo is proof that all the ranchhands had legs. ...

Far as the eye can see...

Viva el toro!

A gorgeous mansion that was hidden mysteriously behind some trees on the ranch. Hmmm. La Jacaranda!
la jacaranda

Scene 4: Sights in Spain.
Yay, Olympics.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. Doesn't it look...apocalyptic? ^_______^ If you'd like, I'll post a larger version.
the apocalypse

The turret of a very lovely castle we saw.

This photo makes me happy, too.
lookin' up

Narrow streets!

Sword factory! Because I'm cheap frugal, I didn't buy one. But it was very cool to see how they make them. Apparently, they manufacture swords for the U.S. Marine Corps....!

Every house on every street was just so pretty.
coral house

The entrance to an incredibly beautiful cathedral in Toledo.

...It was quite tall.

A terrifically blurry photo of the mariachi band (!) that played in a restaurant.

The left half of Toledo. It's such a small city that if you match this photo up to the one below it, you can see the whole thing! :D (Trivia: I think this half was the "Jewish sector" way back when.)
toledo left

toledo right

On the inside of the city hall building, all the walls and ceilings were painted with portraits and such things. And this man is...well, perhaps the most unfortunate-looking fellow I've ever seen. ...^__^

Scene 5: The Prado Museum. Be still, my heart.
I think they said this was actually Italian, so I can't recall why it was there. But it's gorgeous and I recognized it, so here 'tis.

Remember him? We learned about these guys in Spanish class junior year! :DD
fancy man

Obra maestra.
obra maestra

wine man

La maja de Goya. Sadly, we were too rushed for me to photograph the naked version hung to the right of this one. XD

You know you know it.
hands up

Hehe, stupid rich people.
rich people

Scene 6: Spanish landscape.
Let me leave you with two more photos that represent the two types of Spanish scenery: lush and tree-covered, and completely arid. (Forgive the window glare.)


(I looove this photo.)

So, there you have it. That's about....half of my Spain photos. Haa, this is gonna take longer than I thought. XD

...I miss it so much.

More ASAP.
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